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DMPED's Closer: April Edition 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018

Who is Ready to InnoMAYte?

It’s once again time to kick off our fourth annual innoMAYtion, a month-long initiative to showcase groundbreaking programs that will create jobs, engage DC residents, and position Washington, DC as a global model for innovation. This is really a chance to spotlight the diverse and brilliant small businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, and technophiles that are inventors/doers/game changers of DC’s InnoMAYtion Nation!

On Wednesday, May 2, innoMAYtion will kick off with a discussion on how technology is changing everyday lives and how women are shaping the future of tech. Throughout the month, we'll host a series of networking events, workshops, hackathons, and more that highlight ways technology and innovation have already been used to build a more inclusive city and how we can continue working together to solve longstanding civic challenges.

We'll also use innoMAYtion to share the stories of everyday innovators in the District. From technologists to teachers to CEOs to artists, our city has no shortage of innovators and we want their stories and ideas known. If you're an innovator in DC, tell us your story.

We look forward to continuing to make DC a national leader in tech and inclusive innovation with you all throughout May.

Save these Dates & See you There:

May 2 Kickoff

May 5 Hackathon

May 18 Economic Intelligence Roundtable ️

May 31 Closing Event


Deputy Mayor Brian T. Kenner

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