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FY22 Business Funding Opportunities

Various existing and new grant programs will be available through the DMPED cluster in fiscal year 2022 to support economic recovery by providing support to businesses and entrepreneurs. Program details will be added here as they become available.

Small Business Rent Relief Fund (DMPED)
The Small Business Rent Relief Fund provides competitive grants to eligible small businesses operating a restaurant, tavern, nightclub, entertainment venue, or retail establishment on leased property in DC to pay one-third of the applicant’s past-due rent for the period of April 1, 2020 through June 20, 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Art Venue Relief Fund (DMPED)
The Art Venue Relief Fund is an $8 million grant program that will provide financial relief to art venues that have continued to experience significant economic distress throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Special Event Fee Relief Fund (DMPED)
The Special Event Fee Relief Fund is a $3 million to support events that celebrate the culture of the District of Columbia and support local communities. The Special Event Fee Relief Fund allows organizers of festivals and events to apply for financial assistance to cover up to 100% of fees incurred by the event from the following agencies:

  •  Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA)
  • Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA)
  •  Department of Health (DOH)
  •  Department of Public Works (DPW)
  •  Department of Transportation (DDOT)
  •  Fire and EMS Department (FEMS)
  •  Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

Launch Timing: Open now

Encore Outdoor Activations Program (OCTFME)
Encore, the Outdoor Activations Project (OAP), administered by the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment, will support our creative community, specifically supporting DC event producers and organizers by getting them back to work doing what they do best, hiring DC talent and creating events and activities that contribute to the vibrancy of our great city. The Outdoor Activations Project will subsidize event production costs at venues covering each quadrant of the city, giving event organizers the opportunity to apply to produce outdoor events with reduced costs.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Streets for People (OP)
Streets for People will provide grants to Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) to activate public spaces in the Central Washington area. The program aims to catalyze economic recovery and support local businesses by attracting workers, residents, and visitors to a vibrant area of activated blocks, sidewalks, streets, and parks.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Inclusive Innovation Equity Impact Fund (DMPED)
The Inclusive Innovation Equity Impact Fund will support District-based equity impact enterprises or businesses eligible to be equity impact enterprises with training and investment in the form of revenue or equity-based financing. An equity impact enterprise is a resident-owned, small business that it is at least 51% owned by an individual who is, or a majority number of individuals who are economically disadvantaged or have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias.
Launch Timing: Open Now  - For more information and to apply, please visit

Food Access Fund (DMPED)
The Food Access Fund will increase equitable access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food by securing grocery stores and restaurants, fast casual restaurants and other food access points in areas with low food access, with a focus on Wards 7 and 8.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021 (Round 2)

Nourish DC Collaborative (DMPED & OP)
The Nourish DC Collaborative will support the development of a robust ecosystem of locally-owned small food businesses in communities in the District where decades of disinvestment have left them underserved by grocery and other food amenities. To achieve this goal, the five partners of the Collaborative will provide flexible loans, catalytic grants, and targeted technical assistance to emerging and existing locally-owned small food businesses in the District of Columbia, with a preference for businesses located in and owned by residents of neighborhoods identified as having high rates of food insecurity, unemployment and poverty, and/or lower life expectancy. 
Launch Timing: Fall 2021 (End of October)

Eligibility/Interest Form: 

This program awards micro-grants to eligible businesses located East of the River (Wards 7 & 8).
Launch Timing: Winter 2022

This program provides critical training for returning citizen entrepreneurs wanting to establish or maintain a business.
Launch Timing: Winter 2022

Cannabusiness Assistance (DSLBD)
This program will support District residents, particularly returning citizens and veterans, with start-up entrepreneurial resources to enter high barrier-to-entry cannabis industry.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

DC Community Development Consortium Grant (DSLBD)
This program will provides funds to further build the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ward 8.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Great Streets Retail (DMPED)
Great Streets is the District’s commercial revitalization initiative designed to support existing small businesses, attract new businesses, increase the District’s tax base, create new job opportunities for District Residents, and transform 13 emerging corridors into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers. Learn more at
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Commercial Food Waste Innovation Grants (DSLBD)
This program will reduce food waste in our commercial corridor dumpsters which draws in rats and other vermin causing secondary health impacts while reducing disposal costs for local food businesses.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Public Restroom Pilot (DSLBD)
This program will provide funding to participating businesses that make their restrooms available free of charge to any person, regardless of whether the person patronizes the business.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Neighborhood Prosperity Fund (DMPED)
Neighborhood Prosperity Fund (NPF) incentivizes community development, economic growth, and job creation by leveraging local funds to provide gap financing for projects that attract private investment to distressed communities. Grant funds support architectural and engineering costs, construction costs, tenant improvements, historical preservation building improvements to maintain compliance with applicable laws, development analysis, rent abatement and/or tenant concessions for up to 3 years to stabilize market rent. Learn more.
Launch Timing: Winter 2022

Locally Made Manufacturing Grant (DMPED)
The Locally Made Manufacturing Grant program supports local businesses that are located in a Great Streets corridor that engage in light manufacturing by providing funding for capital or tenant improvements of commercial property with a designated industrial use. This grant is intended to grow the District’s local business economy, bolster manufacturing, and strengthen supply chains within the city.
Launch Timing: Winter 2022

BID Placemaking & Recovery Fund (DMPED)
This fund will support three catalytic projects in Business Improvement Districts that will accelerate economic recovery through placemaking efforts.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Vitality Fund (DMPED)
The Vitality Fund is a new investment that will enhance DC’s competitiveness in attracting new, high-growth companies to the District by creating a dedicated funding source for business attraction. Through the Vitality Fund, DMPED will provide grants to employers with 25 or more employees located in or that commit to locate in the central business district (CBD).
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Commercial Property Acquisition Fund (DMPED)
The Commercial Property Acquisition Fund provides eligible businesses with down payment assistance of up to $750,000 or 25% of the sale price, whichever is less, for the acquisition of commercial property in the District.
Launch Timing: Fall 2021

Small Medium Business Growth Fund (SMBF)
SMBF programs target growing District businesses through several new growth focus programs. These funds will support large scale capital improvements, large equipment purchasing, digital and technological enhancements to businesses.
Launch Timing: Winter 2022

D.C. Rebuild Bond Program
The District has teamed up with SMBX, a financial marketplace that connects small business owners with everyday investors, to offer the Rebuild Bond Program for small businesses in D.C. to raise capital from their community. Through the Rebuild Bond Program, for a limited time, small businesses can apply to issue Small Business Bonds™ with no origination fees. By issuing a Small Business Bond™, you can borrow capital from existing customers at competitive rates, retain your equity, and increase customer loyalty. All businesses are encouraged to apply, especially those from communities which have historically been denied access to capital or which reside in Wards 5, 7, or 8. View the website for more information.
Launch Timing: Open now