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Employment Programs

Explore the employment programs below.

One City • One Hire

The expense to businesses to hire new employees can be a costly investment in both time and money. The Department of Employment Services (DOES) can help employers defray some of the start-up costs by facilitating training, recruitment and screening processes for potential hires to prepare and identify qualified candidates. DOES also partners with local corporations to offer job coaching and mentoring services at no charge to hiring employers. By taking advantage of these programs, services, and incentives, employers can reap the rewards of an adequately trained workforce that meets their needs. For more information, visit One City • One Hire.

Workforce Development

The Department of Employment Services (DOES) offers an array of business services to District of Columbia employers. A team of workforce professionals deliver employment and training services that can meet your recruitment needs. The following services are just a sampling of the types of services offered by DOES:

  • Application Pre-screening: Businesses may receive assistance with the screening of applications to ensure minimum job requirements are met. This also defrays the personnel start-up costs for businesses.
  • On-the-Job Training: Businesses may receive a reimbursement of 90 percent of a trainee’s wages when they agree to hire and train an eligible worker.
  • Labor Market Information for Business: Workforce Trends, Economic Indicators, Community Site Selection Data, Regional Reviews and Employment Dynamics are a few of the tools provided by DOES.
  • Job Fair and Recruitment Support: DOES works collaboratively with businesses to conduct job fairs and schedule interviews.

For more detailed information, please contact the Department of Employment Services (DOES).