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Frank D. Reeves Center Redevelopment RFP Q&A Portal

The Q&A period has ended

Q&A Responses: 

QUESTION 1: We have had several meetings with a very interested party who is planning on submitting a response to the RFP. One of the questions that has continually come up is the February 19th due date. Has there been any consideration to extending it into March to allow for a more thorough response?

ANSWER 1: The Frank. D. Reeves Redevelopment RFP Proposal Submission Due Date (11:59 PM ET) currently remains February 19, 2021.

QUESTION 2: I am interested in submitting a proposal in response to the Mayor’s RFP for redevelopment of the Reeves Center. I understand that you are the key person to contact for information germane to the existing leases and or tenants currently holding leases in the building. I would like any pertinent information on each of the leases for each of the current tenants that specifies;

  1. The type of lease
  2. When the lease expires
  3. Monthly lease payments
  4. Square Footage occupied by each lessee
  5. Which tenants are the interior of the building and which ones are facing 14th St. N.W.?

Also, I would like you to explain why there are certain tenants with “Tenants at Sufferance” leases and how this factors into the equation. I very much appreciate your providing me with the foregoing information at your earliest convenience.

ANSWER 2: Per the RFP, there are five non-municipal [non-District agency] tenants; the District agency occupants are not lessees. Please refer to page 4 of the RFP for information regarding lease expiration for the five non-municipal tenants and contact information. Rents for each tenant are considered confidential financial information not subject to disclosure by DMPED.

The approximate gross square footage leased by each non-municipal tenant is as follows:

  • Metro DC Community Center – 2468 sf
  • United States Postal Services – 2632 sf
  • DC Credit Union – 5960 sf
  • Edward C. Mazique Parent Child Center, Inc. of the District of Columbia – 2991 sf
  • Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B – 664 sf

Regarding tenancy at sufferance, it refers to the period during which a lessee continues to occupy a property after its lease has expired while still subject to all original provisions of the expired lease, and prior to the lessor providing notice to the lessee to vacate the property.

QUESTION 3: Will you be releasing a list of pre-proposal meeting attendees and if so when?

ANSWER 3: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in lieu of an information session and introductory site visit [or pre-proposal meeting], DMPED has an online question and answer portal accepting questions from December 30, 2020 through January 26, 2021, and DMPED will post responses on the Project Website on or around the last date of the Pre-Response Question and Answer Period.

QUESTION 4: Will the residents of 1414 V Street, NW have to be displaced because our building which is basically attached to the Reeves Center and located on-top of the Reeves Centers parking garage?

ANSWER 4: As the District is not a party to the tenant leases, the District has no right to interfere with the tenant leases; therefore, any questions related to lease agreements between residents at 1414 V Street NW and Horning Brothers Corporation as landlord should be addressed to Horning Brothers through Horning Brothers’ Vice President of Development, Andrew Vincent, at 202-659-0700 x 1214 or email [email protected]."

QUESTION 5: Can you send us contact information for the developers who have expressed interest in submitting proposals for this project? We are interested in teaming with them on this project.

ANSWER 5: Pursuant to the RFP, whereby DMPED is offering to publicly release the contact information of Respondents that want to share their information with other interested parties, DMPED will be posting the contact information received within approximately the next week (February 1-5).

QUESTION 6: Do we have to have the development entity/JV/operating agreement legally completed and executed prior to submission of our proposal?

ANSWER 6: The development entity/JV/operating agreement does not need to be legally established prior to submission of a proposal, but it will be required after award and prior to submitting the project to Council for the disposition hearing.

QUESTION 7: Section 4 organizational status states "include a Certificate of Good Standing for such jurisdiction and a certificate of good standing showing that it is registered in the District of Columbia". How old can it [the Certificate of Good Standing] be date wise?

ANSWER 7: The Certificate of Good Standing shall have been issued within 90 days of the submission of the Proposal.