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Creative Economy Strategy

Creative Economy Strategy cover photo

We are pleased to present the Creative Economy Strategy for the District of Columbia.

The Creative Economy Strategy builds on the sector- driven methodology of the Five-Year Strategy by laying out a clear roadmap for sustained growth that leverages the District’s creative industries.

Once implemented, the visions, strategies and initiatives outlined in the Creative Economy Strategy will contribute to the District’s commitment to create 100,000 jobs and generate $1 billion in new tax revenue.

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No city or enterprise can survive for long heralding the victories of the past or sustaining old economic archetypes that no longer apply in a technology-driven society. Instead, we must look toward the future with a vision for how best to transform for the 21st century.

The Creative Economy Strategy articulates such a vision for the District, ensuring our economy remains competitive today and in the future.

The District is and will continue to be a premier destination for creative talent and entrepreneurial enterprises, a magnet for major creative corporations and a home for innovative and successful cultural institutions

Here are the visions and strategies which helped set priorities for the Creative Economy initiatives and identified guiding objectives for implementation of the strategy by District leaders.

1. Become a national hub for creative startups and entrepreneurs

  • By improving access to affordable space and resources
  • By making District bureaucracy friendlier for small enterprises and organizations
  • By increasing funding to bring innovative ideas to life

2. Become a magnet for creative corporations

  • By cultivating a workforce that is attractive to corporations
  • By incentivizing creative corporations to locate in the District
  • By promoting the District’s Creative Economy to attract new businesses

3. Foster a resilient, entrepreneurial local arts community

  • By assisting local arts institutions in developing sustainable business models
  • By mobilizing District resources to support arts and cultural organizations
  • By building connections across creative organizations, businesses and universities